Friday, November 25, 2005

dia 45. post 1

Plat du jour

[Réminiscences de Don Juan, 1841 - Ferenc Liszt]

"Réminiscences de Don Juan (S/G418) is an operatic fantasy by Franz Liszt on themes from Don Giovanni by Mozart. Liszt wrote the work in 1841 and published a two-piano version (S/G656) in 1877. The two-piano version is very similar to the original in form.
The work begins with music sung by the Commandatore, from the graveyard scene where he threatens Don Giovanni ("Di rider finirai pria dell aurora! Ribaldo audace! Lascia a' morti la pace!"—Your laughter will not last, even till morning. Remember, that the dead still remember!) and from the finale where he condemns Don Giovanni to hell. The love duet of Don Giovanni and Zerlina follows ("La ci darem la mano"), along with two variations on this theme. An extended fantasy on the champagne aria ("Fin ch'han dal vino") follows, and finally the Commandatore's threat is to conclude the work."